Renting Honda Pcx Scooter In Bali

RENTING HONDA PCX SCOOTER IN BALI – We at Dasu Rental provide various motorbike options that can be chosen according to your comfort while riding. As we know, Honda has recently launched the Honda PCX 160, which is touted as the main competitor to the Yamaha Nmax 160cc. Therefore, for those of you who want to try the Honda PCX for holiday transportation in Bali, Dasu Rental is the answer. We provide Honda PCX scooter rental services in Bali that can be delivered to Kuta, Kerobokan, Canggu, and other areas in Bali.

The Honda PCX 2023 (second generation) will come differently from the previous model, where the appearance of the Honda PCX 2023 will be more ergonomic. On the braking side, you will be pampered with advanced ABS braking system or Honda’s signature CBS.

The price of renting a Honda PCX scooter in Bali :

125 / one days

750 / week

2.500 / month

Advantages of Renting Honda PCX Scooter in Bali :

Bali is a highly renowned island worldwide, boasting numerous stunning tourist destinations that are rapidly growing. Despite being one of the provinces heavily visited by tourists from various parts of the world, Bali still preserves its local wisdom and relies on the centuries-old customs deeply rooted in Balinese soil. When visiting Bali, you will still find many narrow roads, perhaps only 5 – 8 meters wide.

Therefore, the use of scooters remains highly efficient for exploring every tourist area on the island of Bali. Especially if you want to travel around Canggu, Uluwatu, Legian, or Pura Uluwatu, using a scooter is the right vehicle for you due to traffic congestion in every corner of the city and tourist spots on the island of Bali. When you rent a Honda PCX scooter in Bali, the scooter will be delivered directly to your accommodation, be it a hotel, elite boarding house, villa, or other locations around Kuta, Denpasar, Kerobokan, and many other favorite locations for both foreign and domestic tourists.

If you want to Renting Honda PCX Scooter in Bali, here are the requirements you need to fulfill to experience the comfort of PCX during your holiday in Bali:

  • Willing to be documented during the handover of the motorbike unit.
  • Minimum rental period of 2 days.
  • The motorbike can only be used in Bali and cannot be taken out of the island of Bali.
  • Willing to comply with all terms and conditions stated on the invoice at


  • Dasu Rental is a credible company.
  • The motorbike units are meticulously maintained as we service them at an authorized Honda dealer every month.
  • Automated booking system.
  • Honest and competitive pricing.
  • Opportunity to enjoy numerous promotional events.

So, what are you waiting for? Make your Honda PCX scooter rental reservation in Bali with us at Dasu Rental now!

Here are the color options for the All New Honda PCX 160 CBS :
  • Marvelous Matte Silver
  • Magnificent Red
  • Royal Matte Blue
  • Brilliant Black
  • Wonderful White
Specification of Honda PCX160 | Renting Honda Pcx in Bali

The Honda PCX160 is available with Petrol engine option in Indonesia’s New Scooter from Honda comes in 2 variants. Talking about the engine specifications of Honda PCX160, it is powered by two options of Petrol engine having a capacity of 156.9 cc. PCX160 is available with CVT transmission depending on the variant. PCX160 is a 2-seater Scooter with a length of 1936 mm, width of 742 mm, wheelbase of 1313 mm, and ground clearance of 135 mm. The new feature offered by PCX in this model is the Rear Disc Brake on both of its types. Like Scoopy and Vario, this PCX is also equipped with Enhanced Smart Power (eSP) technology.

To support you while traveling and to prevent running out of smartphone battery, don’t worry because the Honda PCX comes equipped with a plug charger, allowing you to charge your phone anytime, anywhere while in Bali.

Here are some advanced features of the All New Honda PCX:
  • New Full Digital Panel Meter A fully digital indicator panel with sophisticated display and comprehensive information including Smart Key indicator, HSTC Indicator, Oil Change Indicator, Battery Indicator, Idling Stop Indicator, Trip Meter, Fuel Consumption Indicator, Digital Clock, and ABS Indicator (*ABS Indicator specifically for ABS type).
  • New USB Charger The Honda PCX comes with a USB Charger with a maximum output of 5V 2.1A.
  • Honda Smart Key System An innovative advanced technology controlled by remote, eliminating the need for mechanical keys to start the engine and lock the handlebars. Integrated with Immobilizer, Anti-Theft Alarm system, and Answer Back System to facilitate locating the motorcycle in the parking area.
  • LED Headlight Enhance elegance and exclusivity with LED headlight illumination for brighter visibility.
  • New Cast Wheel Design With Wider Tire Riding becomes more confident with larger tire size and new cast wheel design.
  • Burnt Titanium Color Cast Wheel (ABS Type) Appear more elegant with Burnt Titanium color wheels while riding (*Specific to ABS type).
  • New Fuel Tank With Cap Holder Refueling becomes more practical without having to open the seat, and easier to place the fuel tank cap.
  • Comfort Foot Area Ride comfortably anywhere with a wider foot area.
  • 30 Liter Extra Large Luggage Box A 30-liter capacity luggage box equipped with a seat stopper. Makes it easy to carry items while riding.
  • Gold Emblem (ABS Type) Featuring a Gold Emblem PCX160, enhancing elegance (*Specific to ABS type).
  • LED Taillight Elegant taillight design with brighter LED illumination.
Know the Difference Between PCX ABS and CBS:

Understanding the distinction between PCX ABS and PCX CBS is essential before renting Honda PCX Scooter in Bali , as it has become a hot topic among scooter enthusiasts. These two variants offer different features, accommodating the needs and preferences of riders. Although they both originate from the same variant, there are significant differences in terms of braking systems, security technology, and ease of use. In this article, we will delve deeper into these differences and their impact on the user’s riding experience.

Advantages of Honda PCX ABS:

The Honda PCX ABS boasts several advantages that make it stand out in the motorcycle market. Its elegant and modern design creates an attractive and captivating appearance for riders. Its powerful engine with a capacity of 160 cc provides excellent performance, delivering greater power compared to some of its competitors in the same class.

Another advantage is its efficient fuel consumption, making it an economical choice for daily use. Its sufficiently large cargo capacity makes it suitable for touring activities, providing extra comfort for riders who frequently travel long distances. The Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) feature on the PCX ABS is a significant addition to enhance stability and control during the journey.

Shortcomings of Honda PCX ABS:

However, along with its advantages, there are also some drawbacks that need to be considered. The price of PCX ABS tends to be higher compared to some of its competitors, such as the Yamaha NMAX. Additionally, the ABS braking system on the PCX ABS is not dual-channel, which can affect its effectiveness in critical braking situations.

Advantages of Honda PCX CBS:

The main advantages of PCX CBS include its elegant and modern design, powerful engine performance, efficient fuel consumption, and comprehensive features. Its 160 cc engine provides adequate power for satisfying rides. The new colors available for the PCX CBS model, such as Marvelous Matte Silver, Magnificent Red, Royal Matte Blue, Brilliant Black, and Wonderful White, offer a variety of choices to consumers.

Shortcomings of Honda PCX CBS:

However, there are some drawbacks to consider. Although the price of PCX CBS is more affordable compared to the ABS version, it still remains higher than some of its competitors. Additionally, the PCX CBS is not equipped with an ABS braking system, which can affect braking performance, especially in emergency situations.

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